How to find the history of videos you watched on Facebook 2023

 How to find the history of videos you watched on Facebook 2023

Recently, Facebook has become the first alternative and direct competitor to YouTube as a platform for sharing and watching videos on the Internet. However, unlike Youtube, the way Facebook organizes video content on your News Feed or Facebook Watch page makes it difficult to find videos you've watched before, as sometimes you don't remember the exact page or person who shared the video until you search. for it and link to the video to re-watch it again. Fortunately, Facebook stores the history of the clips that the user has watched so that they can be returned to later and viewed at any time. So, in this topic, we will learn how to find this record, whether on a smartphone or through a computer.

In fact, Facebook does not only record the videos that you have watched. There is an Activity Log that includes almost every step you take within the site, from posts you liked, things you searched for, articles you read, polls you participated in... and more. So, it is not surprising that it will also record any video that you play, even by mistake. Depending on the device you're using, follow these steps to find out which videos you've watched on Facebook.

Find your video history on your computer

With your computer or laptop, you can rely on your favorite browser to find the videos you recently watched on Facebook. All you have to do is go to the profile page by clicking on the profile picture in the top bar and then the account name, or by going to and logging into your account if you haven't already. Next, press the menu button (…) and select Activity Log.

On the Activity Log page, scroll down under the side menu, and under the "Activity Types" section, click on the "Logged Actions and Other Activity" menu, and there you will find the "Video You’ve Watched" option. Click on it and wait. Slightly until a list of all the videos you've watched in the past is displayed. In fact, if you have some time, you will be able to find the first video you watched on Facebook since creating your account. Note that this list can only be seen by you. And if you want to delete a video from the list, press the Delete option after clicking on the (…) button next to the video. You can also use the Clear Video Watch History option to delete the entire history.

On your phone or tablet (Android - iOS)

In the event that you want to find the history of the videos that you watched on Facebook through your phone or tablet, there are two ways. The first is to open the official Facebook application and go to the "Watch" section, either from the bottom bar (or the top on Android phones) after opening the application, or through the "menu" page. After that, you click on the profile icon located next to the search icon at the top. Several options will appear in front of you, including "History", so click on it and you will get a complete record of all the videos that you watched on Facebook.

The second method is exactly the same as the computer method. Launch the Facebook app, then press the menu button (☰) in the bottom (iPhone) or top (Android) bar. After that, scroll down until you click on the "Settings & Privacy" section, then click on the "Settings" option to access the settings page. Now scroll down to find the "Activity Log" option below, so click on it. Finally, click on the "Logged Actions and Other Activity" menu and select "Video You've Watched" from it.

This will also display a history of every video you've played while browsing the app. Tap on any video to re-watch it, or hit (…) then Delete if you want to delete any. Unfortunately, you can't search for specific videos or delete your entire history as you can on the web version of Facebook.