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The 5 lightest browsers that will not consume the resources of your Android phone in 2023

The 5 lightest browsers that will not consume the resources of your Android phone in 2023

The 5 lightest browsers that do not consume the resources of your Android phone in 2023 If you own an old Android phone, popular browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Edge can seriously affect the performance of your device, as these browsers tend to consume more storage space, processing power, and memory. which gives your phone a harder time keeping up with your browsing needs.

Fortunately, there are lightweight alternatives that have a much smaller footprint and focus on speed and performance, and we'll walk you through the best lightweight browsers out there for older Android devices.

1. Via Browser: Small in size and packed with features

Built on top of Chromium WebView, Via Browser's main feature is simplicity. The browser doesn't compromise on any features and offers you tons of customization options, from look and feel to how you interact with it. Every aspect of the browser puts you in control. When it comes to sheer speed, Via Browser is Via Browser is one of the fastest web browsers for Android, and Via Browser doesn't shy away from the customization department either, where you can modify the homepage by changing the background image and style, set the browser's logo to any image of your choice, and even adjust the background opacity.

2. Orions Browser: Designed for readers

Orions, formerly known as Monument Browser, is a lightweight web browser that also runs on top of Chromium WebView. It's a fast, secure, and intuitive web browser designed to give you the best possible experience while browsing and reading. You can choose to move the search bar from top to bottom, change the user agent, switch search engines, and get some interesting options. When you start browsing the web, just click on the Overflow menu and then on Extensions to take a look at them, and you can turn on the night mode or try the reading mode, which has the ability to change fonts and even allows you to listen to articles on the screen, and while you are on the page, you can capture a screenshot of an entire article or save it as a PDF.

3. Phoenix Browser: Download videos effortlessly.

Phoenix Browser uses a WebView component built on top of Chromium; it's a lightweight browser with a built-in download manager to grab and play online videos without the need for a 3rd party video player; however, when you first install the app, you'll see the home page filled with news based on your location, games, and your most visited pages. There is a little problem with notification ads too; if this bothers you, click on Manage Home and turn off all options; you may also want to disable notifications for this app.

4. Hermit Browser: Lite Apps Browser

It is a browser that allows you to create lightweight applications from the websites you visit frequently, and it comes with a rich library of ready-made lightweight applications complete with pre-configured settings; just tap on the application icon to install this application immediately, and if you do not find a specific lightweight application, type the address URL of the site and Hermit will turn it into an application on the home screen. When you create a shortcut to a website using Chrome, it acts as a browser tab; in Hermit, where light applications act as actual applications, you can customize these applications with different settings for each, you can customize these applications with different settings for

5. Opera Mini Browser: A browser with data-saving features

It is a lightweight and powerful web browser designed to work with devices with fewer resources. Out of the box, it comes with incognito mode, a smart download feature with smart mobile data detection, a night theme, the ability to change search engines, the ability to sync data across your devices, and more. Its data-saving feature is unique. It's kind among browsers and supports multiple modes; just hit the Opera Mini button in the bottom toolbar, followed by Settings > Data Savings, and you'll see a graph of the data you've saved over the past week, and you can either let Opera mini work its magic to save data or choose between Extreme and high compression modes for the media you consume.