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Profit on YouTube through short videos 2023

Profit on YouTube through short videos 2023

Make money on YouTube with short videos. Now it looks like YouTube is finally ready to share revenue with YouTube Short content creators, but it's a little different from the mainstream monetization program in terms of earnings.

The company hasn't officially announced it yet, but they will create it next week, and the best part is about supporting the creator and also proving themselves better than TikTok. It's happening 18 months after its launch, and we all know that YouTube shorts or short videos are still giving revenue to these creators with a fund called Fund Shorts, which isn't great because it works as an opportunity for creators, and the salary is much lower. But now, according to a report from The New York Times, YouTube will add more ads in the YouTube Short section in every area where it's been testing so far, the company is introducing features that will make the platform Monetization is the same as the one already in place, but it will be different in terms of criteria and the percentage of revenue withheld.

At the moment, there are no details available about the criteria through which users can qualify for this monetization program, but there is already one YouTube site that requires 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time, but reports say that it will be different from the above because getting time to watch and subscribers to short films is totally different from getting your usual videos.

In terms of revenue sharing, the company may offer 45 percent of advertising revenue to short film creators, which is 10 percent less than YouTube videos, with an ad revenue sharing plan of 55 percent. Although YouTube has always supported creators, 45 percent is still better than no. Getting anything on TikTok, even by creating more quality content or having a large follower base, and aside from that, the company is expected to officially announce it on Tuesday, September 20th, and separately, YouTube is also testing some new ad formats, including 5 ads in a break. 

And in its ongoing battle with TikTok for vertical video supremacy, YouTube is about to play its most valuable card. It's preparing to ramp up monetization massively for short films and the vertical short-form video format and promises to help millions of creators make money on the platform starting early next year. 2023 The short films will be part of the YouTube Partner Program, which means that those who qualify can start getting a share of the advertising revenue generated by the short films. YouTube is also making it easier for creators who don't qualify for the program to make money through tips, subscriptions, and merchandise sales. The aim is to provide more and better monetization options than TikTok and potentially gain (and win back) many of the creators who stream on the competing platform.

YouTube has been a video powerhouse for over a decade, offering users not only a place to enjoy content but also a space to create, and while most creators don't get paid, those with popular channels are given the option to join the Partner Program, hence the content creators can monetize their videos to earn money. In the past few years, short vertical videos have become very popular, and although it reached most regions in 2017, the TikTok application was a dominant force in vertical videos as it offers users a fun new way and addictive content to watch, and of course, this success has prompted its competitors to take action and adopt short videos in their apps.

And, while TikTok is the clear winner in this field when compared to competitors such as Instagram and YouTube, the latter will now make a serious push, leveraging its advertising business, and in addition to ads, YouTube plans to offer the ability to use popular songs in its videos. And, while the site previously reported that YouTube searches for videos that contain copyrighted music and sends advertising revenue from those videos to the copyright holders, the company now reports that YouTube searches for videos that contain copyrighted music and The ability to edit existing YouTube videos into short clips could be huge and would undoubtedly boost the platform's competitiveness.