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Important Affiliate Marketing terms you should know 2023

Important Affiliate Marketing terms you should know 2023

The commission marketing method has become very popular among activists on social networking sites, owners of YouTube channels, or even owners of websites, marketing terms in English Pdf and marketing terms pdf in addition to a dictionary of marketing terms in Arabic, as you rarely find one of these who does not use this method to earn daily amounts From money, these profits may reach about $ 100 per day, and there are some professional marketers who earn thousands of dollars per day from this method.

Important affiliate marketing terms you should know

Today, many marketers are searching for marketing terms in Arabic, marketing terms in English, and e-marketing terms in English. They are also looking for marketing acronyms, so in this article I will present affiliate marketing terms that you should know, but let's take a look at commission marketing first.

An overview of affiliate marketing

It is simply that the online activist promotes and e-markets products and goods for specific advertisers on his blog, channel, or accounts, and thus takes a percentage on each sale. This method contains the basics of affiliate marketing, so if you are one of those who want commission marketing for beginners, this article will come back You also benefit.

E-commerce sites support this method of promoting products on them, and many sites have adopted this method, such as Affiliate Noon, Affiliate Namshi, and there are also Arab affiliate sites such as Affiliate Egypt, Affiliate Saudi Arabia, Affiliate Iraq, Affiliate Algeria, and others, and some sites have a marketing program With commission, and you can also do commission marketing without a commission, but I do not advise you.

Affiliate marketing terms

1. Commission

The marketer gets a share of the profits from the proceeds on each sale when he promotes a specific advertiser, and the commission has several models that we will mention at the end of the article.

2.. a cookie

It is data and information that is stored on the visitor’s computer in his browser that he used to purchase, where the cookie stores the visitor’s information and details, such as shopping cart information, registration information, etc., so when one of your followers clicks on an affiliate link via a method, a cookie will be planted on the browser to remember it at every purchase, so whenever this visitor makes a purchase, you will win.

3. Cookie life

It is the time or duration of validity of the cookie that the advertiser determines according to its own provisions, and it is the time at which the effectiveness of the cookie expires. For example, if the advertiser determines that the cookie expires after 3 days, then the commission will be paid Every purchase will take place within three days of clicking on the link.

1. Commission for the CPA procedure

  • It is a specific amount (not a percentage) that the marketer receives when a sale is made by him.
  • For example: If someone buys a product for $1,000 and another person buys a product for $50, you will get the same commission value in both cases (let's say it's $5), then you'll get $10.

2. Commission for the purchase transaction CPS

  • It is a percentage that the marketer will obtain at each sale through it, as it varies according to the value of the product that was purchased.
  • For example: the Affiliate site set a percentage of 10% on each sale. If someone buys $1,000 through the website, the value of your profits will differ from the person who buys $100.

3. Commission for each CPL lead

  • An amount that the marketer receives for each visitor to the site, regardless of whether he made a purchase or not.
  • For example: the Affiliate site specified that for each potential customer you will earn $ 2, so if you bring 25 customers, you will earn $ 50.
We now come to the conclusion of our article, in which we presented commission marketing terms that you should know.