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How to fix QR code not working on WhatsApp

How to fix QR code not working on WhatsApp

How to Fix QR Code Not Working on WhatsApp WhatsApp was originally introduced as a mobile instant messaging app (Android and iOS), and later introduced its own web version, allowing users to communicate with friends via a web browser.

After that, WhatsApp launched the desktop application for Windows and Mac, and although the desktop application for WhatsApp is rich in features, users still prefer using the web version. The benefit of using WhatsApp Web is that it allows you to chat on your laptop and computer without installing any apps, where you need an active internet connection and a web browser to access all your WhatsApp chats.

However, many users have recently reported problems while using WhatsApp Web, as their QR Code on WhatsApp Web is not loading, so if the WhatsApp Web QR Code is not working on your PC or laptop, try the troubleshooting methods as well. These errors and fixes.

Why doesn't the QR code for WhatsApp work?

Before following the troubleshooting methods, you should know why the WhatsApp Web QR Code download fails. There are not one but many different reasons why the WhatsApp QR Code cannot be downloaded. Here they are:

  • Internet connection problem / no internet.
  • corrupted or out-of-date browser cache.
  • VPN or proxy connections.
  • old web browser.
  • incompatible web browser.
  • Adblockers and Extensions
  • Antivirus software.

How to fix WhatsApp's web QR code not working?

Now that you know the possible reasons why WhatsApp Web QR Code is not working that you should troubleshoot, below we have shared some of the best ways to solve the problem of QR Code not loading on WhatsApp.

1. Make sure your computer is connected to the Internet.

No or unstable internet connection is the cause of the QR code of WhatsApp on desktop failing to load, so make sure your internet is working before trying any other method. You can use speed test websites to check if your internet is working or not, or you can monitor your task manager and check in the network tab to see if your internet is available and stable. 

2. Check if WhatsApp is down.

If WhatsApp Web was working fine on your computer but suddenly stopped working and asked you to scan the QR code again, chances are that the WhatsApp servers are down for maintenance. If the servers were down all over the world, then you wouldn't be able to use the WhatsApp mobile or desktop apps either. You can check the WhatsApp Server page in DownDetector to see if WhatsApp is having any technical issues, but if it's down for everyone then you have to wait for the servers to be restored.

3. Disable ad blocking extensions and tools.

If everything is fine but the WhatsApp Web QR code is still not loading, then you need to disable Adblockers. Some ad blockers block scripts responsible for displaying QR codes; if you are using an ad blocker, then an ad blocker is probably the culprit. You also need to disable extensions that block trackers or scripts from web pages.