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How to check if your USB-C cable supports fast charging for your phone

How to check if your USB-C cable supports fast charging for your phone

How to check if a USB-C cable supports fast charging for your phone Fast Charging is a relatively recent addition to smartphones that have become popular it can charge some devices from 0-100 in less than an hour it's pretty cool but it doesn't work with any An old USB-C cable.

A typical USB port sends about 2.5W of power to the connected device, this fast charging goes up to 15W on the low end while some go as high as 100W, and if you want to take advantage of those faster charging speeds, you'll need to make sure you have compatible accessories.

It's not just the cable.

First, we need to point out that a USB-C cable is only one part of the fast charging equation; your AC adapter (or "charging unit") also needs to support fast charging, and a fast charging compatible cable won't charge your device any faster than if you were using a current adapter AC standard. If your phone supports one of the many fast charging standards, it will likely come with an AC adapter and cable that enable it; if not, you can check which fast charging standard your device supports and find compatible accessories.

Is my cable a fast-charging cable?

There are a few things you can do to check if your existing cables support fast charging, first you should start by checking your phone's packaging or find the listing online and see what it says is included on the box, if your phone came with a fast charging USB-C cable it will Cable specifications listed on the box or online, sometimes it will simply say "Fast Charging", other terms to look for are "Adaptive Fast Charging", "Quick Charge", "USB PD" or "USB Power Delivery", Another easy thing to check is the thickness of the cable. Fast charging cables tend to be a bit thicker than normal cables, but this is not always noticeable.

And if you know your AC adapter supports fast charging, you can use your phone to make sure the cable is fast charging too. iPhone and Android users can use an app called Ampere to see real time voltage measurement. Just search for 5V, 9V, or 12V or higher, and it will put "Fast Charging" on the lock screen (shown below).

Unfortunately, most USB-C cables don't have fast charging labels on the cable itself. However, you may see an icon with a lightning bolt symbol or the initials "Fast Charging". In general, it's a good idea to stick with USB-C cables and adapters that are specifically designed for your phone. Cases This will ensure you get the fastest speeds possible, not all USB-C cables are created equal so be careful about what you use.