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Finally - modifying PDF files for free with and without Edit PDF programs

Finally - modifying PDF files for free with and without Edit PDF programs

There is no doubt that PDF files are among the most important and most used files that most people deal with with their various interests, jobs, specializations, and ages. Among the most groups of society that use PDF files are students and university students, as well as employees and others.

Therefore, it is very important to find a program or a means that facilitates the use of these files and dealing with them. Hence the importance of the HiPDF program, which provides us with all the tools we need to handle and deal with PDF files professionally and comfortably. The beautiful thing is that it offers all the tools you need completely free of charge, with the exception of one or two tools.

With the increasing importance of PDF file management software and the widespread demand for electronic documents, PDF files are the most popular. especially in light of the decline in reliance on paper documents. And with the digitization of departments, it is very important to find reliable and completely free sources that provide all the tools you need to edit PDF files professionally and easily, and this is exactly what HiPDF offers us.

This program, along with the site, offers you more than 39 professional tools for editing and modifying PDF files. The following are the most important features that HiPDF offers you for free:

  • supports Windows and Mac devices.
  • Modify and edit PDF files; edit text, images, and pages as you like with ease.
  • OCR feature to convert scanned files into texts with the ability to modify them.
  • supports multiple languages.
  • Convert PDF files to Word, Excel, PPT (PowerPoint), and other files.
  • Fill out electronic forms.
  • electronic signature on documents.
  • Password-protect your files.
  • editing, modifying files, deleting some parts, and saving the modified documents afterwards.
  • merge PDF files easily and quickly.
  • speed and smoothness of work to ensure editing and converting files with ease.