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The 6 most powerful e-marketing strategies for 2023

 The 6 most powerful e-marketing strategies for 2023

Are you looking for e-marketing strategies and would like to know the most important e-marketing points? In today's topic, we will present to you the most important e-marketing strategies without having to pay money for an e-marketing course and teach you the concept of e-marketing.


Perhaps you are asking how to get started in e-marketing or digital marketing and looking for e-marketing articles. Of course, we all know the importance of the marketing process in distributing goods and products and connecting them to the people who need them. The marketing process is not limited to the promotion of physical goods, but also to the promotion of services.Intellectual products are more common these days, and given that the spread of the Internet and the emergence of the digital and informational revolution that moved the world from the traditional situation to the technical situation in various aspects of life have caused a qualitative shift in the marketing process from the traditional situation through the publication of advertisements on the streets and the publication of samples about the products or services provided to the technical situation, where the marketing process has become completely online, there are specific strategies that the person must adhere to in order to reach the desired result.

E-marketing strategies

1: The website

The creation of the website is the first step in the marketing strategy, as it is considered one of the arts of e-marketing, and any marketing process without a website loses its strength, especially since the presence of electronic services at the party with which it is dealt with is necessary and essential to gain the trust of the customer. It will create the impression for the customer that there is an intellectual disparity between him and the institution that markets its goods, which will reflect negatively on the purchase process. In addition to that, the presence of the website facilitates the access of customers to you and the access of your goods and products to them, as it is the link between the products and the customers, so it is considered one of the first steps that must be implemented and the most important thing too.

2: Create marketing videos

Visual content is one of the types of content that most attracts the attention of customers, visitors, and Internet users in general. As statistics indicate, 80% of the content consumed via the Internet is digital content, so the most important step to attract customers and visitors to your site is to enrich it with video clips, and YouTube is one of the giant platforms. Worldwide, it is famous for its number of users exceeding 2 billion users because it provides visual content that people desire, and its popularity is increasing day by day due to the heavy demand for it. E-marketing through videos is one of the most important elements of the marketing process that major world-famous companies and institutions depend on. due to the positive results achieved by this form of marketing and the marketing process as a whole.

3: Advertising banners

A banner is a fixed or animated image of a certain size. Banners are used as an ad cover where texts can be added to it. What distinguishes the use of banners in the marketing process is the possibility of directing the advertisement to the intended audience directly. As is known, the use of animated images and flash It would draw attention and attract attention towards it, and thus achieve distinguished marketing results, due to its high speed in persuading the customer, and it was considered that advertising banners are one of the most famous methods of advertising products and goods, which is one of the indispensable pillars of the marketing process.

4: The importance of creating pages on social networking sites

Social networking sites are among the most crowded sites in the virtual world due to the large number of their users and people’s reliance on these sites as an essential means of communication in practical life, and therefore creating pages on these sites is considered a necessity for the marketing process, as the population density on these sites ensures that the product reaches all Among the most important advantages achieved by social media:

Brand promotion: Through interaction with customers, the mere presence of customers on one site and one page would build trust with customers by answering all their inquiries and providing advice to them, which reflected positively on the strength of the brand.
Acquiring new clients: This is because the number of users of these means is very large, which allows obtaining new clients.

  • Obtaining visitors: Increasing the number of visitors on your website is very important, and more visitors can be obtained by publishing the website link on these social media.
  • Analyzing customer opinions: given that social media allows customers to interact with them directly and write comments and observations they have.

5-Writing articles about the product:

Articles can be used as an additional means of attracting customers, given that distinguished content attracts distinguished customers, and articles are the most indirect marketing means.

6-Paid advertising campaigns via the Internet

Paid advertisements are very important to the marketing process, and these campaigns can be launched on various sites. For example, advertisements can be published on one of the famous Facebook platforms for a certain amount of money. The matter can also be achieved through Telegram channels that have a very large number of followers, as this ensures the publication of advertisements. Here, he reaches a wide segment of society.

And the last and most important step of e-marketing is defining the target audience to know how you will carry out the advertising campaign. As is known, the method of persuasion for a 20-year-old is different from the method of persuasion for a 60-year-old. Finally, we must recall the basic rule that says that product marketing is more important than the product itself.