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Job opportunities in Qatar 2022 for Qataris and residents updated daily

 Job opportunities in Qatar 2022 for Qataris and residents updated daily

Vacancies in Qatar 2022, job opportunities in Qatar 2022, jobs in Qatar 2022, employment in Qatar, Qatar jobs today 2022, government jobs in Qatar, searching for work in Qatar, employment in Qatar, vacancies in Qatar for women, jobs in Qatar with a certificate Secondary, Hello. In this topic, we present our latest daily updates for the most important and latest job opportunities in Qatar 2022. The vacancies in the State of Qatar for residents of different Arab and foreign nationalities in various fields and specializations for resident men and women only browse jobs and apply now.

Note that jobs are announced periodically in various governmental and private sectors and in various medical, engineering, administrative, technical, marketing, sales and more fields. Follow us for updates to receive our latest job updates.

Job opportunities in Qatar 2022 for Qataris and residents updated daily

About Qatar

The State of Qatar is an independent, sovereign state in the Middle East, a peninsula located in the Persian Gulf. Since its complete independence from Britain in 1971, Qatar has emerged as one of the world's most important oil and gas producers. It is an Islamic country where the laws and customs comply with Islamic law. His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani has assumed the reins of government in the country since 2013.

Qatar jobs for non-Qataris:

Jobs in Qatar for women and men for foreigners and Qataris

  1. A transaction clerk is required for a transaction clearance office with great experience in government departments, clearing government transactions online, with good relations, and has experience with computers and the Internet, and has a driver’s license tel: 0097433066994
  2. A real estate representative is required for a company licensed by the Ministry of Justice. Please contact me by WhatsApp = 55813477
  3. An Arab executive secretary is required, with English proficiency and familiarity with computers. Please send your CV through the email
  4. We are looking for a Maintenance and Transportation Officer for our prestigious company Candidates must know Arabic and English You must have 2 to 3 years experience Residency and Transportation Unpaid tel:0097477915226
  5. An accountant with experience is required to enter accounting data into the accounting program and make invoices and price quotes for employees’ salaries, prepare the tax stamp tel:0097455521054
  6. An Egyptian supervisor is required to work in a cleaning company and holds a Qatari driver's license, preferably young tel:0097433662303
  7. Drivers are required from outside Doha, the nationalities required are Pakistani, Sri Lankan, Indian, Nepalese, Kenya and Ghana, to contact WhatsApp (70970301)
  8. Karim, a car captain, from you, the cheapest model of 2014. For those who do not have a car, it is not sent. We accept accommodation on companies only. The annual fee is 1500 riyals only instead of 3600. Tel: 0097470007178
  9. An air conditioning technician is required with knowledge of maintenance, washing and charging of air conditioners, repairing faults and installation, to contact 30450500
  10. An assistant chef is required in a kitchen to prepare fast food (takeaway) with the following conditions: - High experience in preparing and preparing meals - Supervising the production of high quality dishes in terms of shape and taste. - Participation with the main chef in planning and directing the kitchen team - valid residence - Qatari driving license (please contact and send your CV to: 66779007 for those who meet the conditions only) Note: We do not accept applications from outside the State of Qatar
  11. A sales manager with experience in the field of doors and windows is required, please send your CV via WhatsApp to the following number 31366733
  12. A female employee is required to work part-time in a company based in Sanaiya, with at least two years of experience in management and e-marketing on social media and websites. Note: It is necessary to have a car for transportation or close to the company's headquarters. Salary and working hours will be determined after the interview. Please contact us on WhatsApp only: 55337608
  13. A Jordanian / Palestinian accountant is required, a recent graduate of accounting, with an experience of about 3 years, fluent in Excel very well and in good English tel:0097455350702
  14. A civil engineer is required with the following conditions, transferable residence, 5 years experience, Qatari driving license, who meets the conditions, please send your CV via WhatsApp 50363630
Jobs in Qatar for women and men for foreigners and Qataris

  1. The company’s drivers for two weights, you have to have a light Qatari license only, from India, Nepal, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, contact via WhatsApp only 77744731
  2. A driver is required for the company, with a salary of 2000 riyals, a condition on the company. To contact, please send a message to WhatsApp: 39939964
  3. We are a healthy restaurant, we are looking for ambitious and serious employees who are fluent in Arabic and English, contact WhatsApp only on the number 70189088, send the car
  4. A food sales representative is required with experience and relations with restaurants and hotels to market in the field of sweets and bakery shops tel:0097450036779
  5. An administrator is required for a delivery department services company to communicate and send the CV on WhatsApp 70602096
  6. A driver and technical assistant is required for a long-time air-conditioning company, paid, especially during the summer, bears responsibility and work pressure, a leading personality, housing + transportation + health insurance + additional contact WhatsApp exclusively with sending CV tel:0097470002426
  7. A supervisor is required for a cleaning company that is shareable and has sufficient experience and data - the supervisor commits daily 20 orders in the morning and 20 orders in the afternoon - all supplies and environment to help will be provided - transfer condition - salary is 7000 riyals, only experience condition, may God help everyone tel:0097433356420
  8. A female is required for a company with the following specifications - tactful and good looking. - You know English. - Proficient in working with computers and proficient in Excel. Being in Qatar at the moment. Please send your CV to WhatsApp 55892080 only / any number outside Qatar, we apologize, the application will not be considered
  9. Please send your CV to the WhatsApp number and do not call 30666539 Job conditions 1- Qatari driving license 2- Full knowledge of computers 3- Full knowledge of design 4- Full time 5- Valid Qatari residency 6- Not married
  10. Full-time government and administrative clearance representative fluent in Arabic and English, please send your CV to
  11. An accountant with knowledge of accounting programs and financial budgets is required, full-time, please send your CV to the email
  12. A marketer or sales marketer for an application on the mobile is required. He has a private car and the sales percentage is 10%. He can answer contracts for translation and contracts for writing research. The most beneficiaries are university students. For residents of Qatar only